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Apparel Heaven Touch Ltd

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Wel Come To Apparel Heaven Touch

Providing a Safe & Healthy Work Environment.

Sweater Project With Full Auto Jacquard Machines.

429 No's of Modern Knitting Machines

World Class Ladies’ Underwear Manufacturer

300 Sewing Line With Latest Machines

Automatic Screen Printing Machines

Computerized Embroidery Machines

The Largest All Over Printing Machine.

Total Employees

Sewing Capacity(Pcs./Day)

Knitting Capacity(Kg./Day)

Dyeing Capacity(Kg./Day)

Annual Turnover (Last 5 Years) :

  • 2016 : $ 300.00 (In million)
  • 2015 : $ 289.48 (In million)
  • 2014 : $ 246.48 (In million)
  • 2013 : $ 237.07 (In million)
  • 2012 : $ 172.00 (In million)

Apparel Heaven Touch Started export in 2005.Initially in 2005 the annual export was $3.20 million dollars.Within 15 years this annual turnover dramatically increased.Here we showed last five years annual turnover.In 2012 turnover was $172.00 million dollars.Gradually in 2013,2014,2015,2016 the annual turnover was $237.07 million, $246.48 million, $289.48 million and the last its significantly increased to $300.00 million dollars.

Policy Apparel Heaven Touch Ltd

Compensation & Benefits

When most people hear the term compensation they think about “what a person is paid”. Although this is true, it is only one aspect of a complex topic.

Child Labor & Remedition

Child labor remediation policy refers to what actions the employer proposes to take in case a child labor is found out in his organisation.

Health & Safety

All workers have the right to return home each day safe and sound.Preventing work-related illness and injury is the most important job at any workplace.

Environmental Policy

An environmental policy is the organisation’s overall environmental performance intentions and direction formally expressed by top management.

Our Product Range


We offer to clients a fabulous collection of knitted and custom wears for men’s, women’s, boy’s, girl’s and kid’s.Our products features and attributes include: designs of our products, color combination, shrinkage, dimension, uniformity, texture, dyeing and knitting.

Trims & Accessories

Considering the structural and item wise various product range and production capacity, Apparel Heaven Touch Limited is one of the largest Accessories manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. The facilities are equipped with state of the art machinery and are backed up with a team of trained and efficient human resources.


We believe in delivery of the best quality product at every stage of the production with utmost efforts from all side. To fulfill the expectations of our valued customers by highly trained staff who are fully equipped with washing and dry cleaning facility to ensure high quality control as per international standard.


Apparel Heaven Touch is set up with a vision to establish world class ladies’ underwear manufacturing unit. The AHT is under Apparel Heaven Touch, a 100% export oriented textile manufacturing industry in the last 20 years, with exports to USA and Europe.

Our Valuable Clients


Our All Concern...

Honourable Management

Managing Director

MD. Najim Uddin Alam

With the dream of digital Bangladesh,we cope wit all modern technology including trade card of world renowned & advanced community.We are capable of meeting all yours needs, as we are backed and supported by experienced professional and relations with many companies all over the globe and their agents in Bangladesh.


Engr. Sujan Howlader

From the beginning providing non stop services of fashion world. Increasing challenges of this market we always committed to increase of qualities to achieve client’s satisfaction. Using latest sophisticated machinery on every stage of the productions as well as trained, experienced and dedicated workers we already meet the challenges of international Garments products.


Engr. Zahidul Islam

Being a professionally managed company,we pay immaculate attention to every detail of the production from the choice of the raw material to the finishing of the garments.Our years of experience and extensive industrial knowlede enable us to comprehend the needs.